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5/15/24 Wednesday Wonders

Updated: 16 hours ago

Today was a slower day. Some of our electricians took the day off for some R&R. The rest of us replaced the motor in a bath fan in north Lincoln then we headed to east Lincoln where we replaced some under cabinet lights that weren’t working properly. We also installed additional lighting in a hall closet that was on a motion sensor. We added a wireless switch for the hallway lights so they can be controlled and dimmed at a second location. We repaired a socket on a dual headed light fixture that was not functioning properly. Lastly, we headed to central Lincoln for a service call on a kitchen light that was not turning on right away and flickering, however, we were stood up by the tenants at this particular rental so we will have to reschedule with the landlord at another date. Another day down providing residential electrical service in Lincoln, Nebraska 🖤

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