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5/20/24 Monday Moods

We started the day out around 19th & B street in Lincoln where we have been working on and off for a couple years now on a really old house that is being restored. Our particular job today was relocating an outside outlet that was set too low by previous electricians years ago. The outlet was running into some concrete trim pieces and needed moved up a couple of inches. We opened up adjacent electrical boxes and pulled the wires back that were feeding the troubled outlet and we carefully cut the PVC conduit with an oscillator then heated and bent a new piece and installed the fittings and strapped it in place then re-fed the wires. The outside outlet is ready to go until concrete is finished then the receptacle and weather proof cover will be installed after the fact. We took the rest of the day to sort and clean our vans and give some more free estimates and consultations. One particular estimate was for a kitchen remodel where a wall was removed but had several wires coming and going in several directions. We walked the homeowner through what our process is, what our concerns were, and how long it would take and when we are available. Slow day for a Monday but still a successful one as residential electricians in Lincoln, Nebraska offering friendly and affordable service!

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