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5/16/24 Thursday Thinking

A couple guys were off today for some additional R&R. We started out in the heart of Lincoln removing and replacing some knob & tube wiring in an unfinished basement in a home over 100 years old. This process is harder than it sounds. Hot and neutral wires are ran independaly and spliced in several places. We have to start by figuring out where power originates and what it is all feeding then we meticulously remove and replace them with updated and grounded romex wire. In addition to the knob and tube we also ran a new water meter ground run with bare copper #4 and buffed and landed the wire on the house and street side of the water meter with j-clamps. This was also landed on the ground/neutral buss bar in the main electrical panel. After this was completed we demo'd and removed electrical that was fed by unprotected romex and also removed some open splices in the ceiling. We left our materials by the panel and spent a decent amount of time cleaning up the mess of old wires and scraps before we took off for a couple of free estimates and consultations across town. Another affordable and cost-effective residential eletrical service in Lincoln, Nebraska!

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