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5/21/24 Tuesday Tasks

Bear Electric started the day with an appointment to install a customer supplied electric vehicle charging station in southeast Lincoln. We installed a NEMA 14-50 receptacle with 6/3 romex and a 50A Siemens circuit breaker. Pretty straightforward EV charger installation! After that, we headed out to outside of Roca to a customer who lost power to their detached garage/shed. A construction company accidentally severed some unfused underground wires that were being fed from the electrical meter. We contacted the utility company to let them know we would be pulling the meter to cut power then we went to work digging up the wires and repairing them with a splice. Once the splice was completed we tested for correct voltage and functionality inside of the shed and then sealed the meter back up. Lastly, we swept up the dirt clods that got tracked on the driveway. Headed back to Lincoln for some more free estimates and consultations. Another great day as electricians in Lincoln and surrounding communities providing professional service with affordable prices!

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