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5/17/24 Phalange Friday

Started out in central Lincoln, Nebraska with a crew adding an outside GFCI receptacle with an in-use cover for a small temporary pool. While that was happening another crew gave a free in-person estimate which led to doing the job on the spot. We troubleshot some outlets and 3-way switches and lights that weren't working properly. We also replaced some old receptacles and switches and added a floor outlet. We cleaned up, the customer paid by card and it was another successful and affordable residential electrical service call! After that we headed back to a job we started the previous day and installed several recessed lights in an unfinished basement. We started by making sure the lighting layout was symmetrical and not too crowded on the ceiling. Once the layour was established we mounted the housings and daisy chained 12/2 romex with staples between all of the lights and re-routed and repurposed the swith leg wire. After that, we installed color chanigng LED trims and set them all on 3500K. Lastly, we tested the lights and of course cleaned up. Spencer headed back to Seward County and stopped by a home betweem Milford and Dorchester for a free estimate on lights and outlets not working properly. Another successful days as electricians in Neberaska!

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