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5/13/24 Case of the Mondays

Updated: 15 hours ago

Today was an insanely productive day. We started off in 3 different places. One of us went to an estimate for knob & tube wiring removal and adding recessed lights and outlets on an unfinished basement on a 100 year old house. Another crew started out installing several replacement flush mount fixtures and recessed LED trim replacements for a customer who unfortunately suffered a lightning strike. We ordered similar color and style of the existing lights and had all of the fixtures and recessed lights replaced in just under an hour. The other crew started on a major lighting upgrade project where we all eventually met at. We installed recessed down lights in the kitchen, living room, dining room & staircase where there previously little light. We replaced the existing flush mount light fixtures and then tapped off of them to install a symmetrical layout of recessed lights. We fished wires down the internal wall of the living room to add a 2-gang switch box with dimmers for two different zones in the living room for mood lighting and to be able to limit the glare on the TV. In addition, we cut in an addition TV height receptacle in order to conceal the HDMI and USB cords to the TV. We updated the customer’s panel schedule and spent a lengthy amount of time cleaning up the drywall and insulation mess. Walked the customer through their invoice and collected payment! From there we split off in 3 different directions again. One of us going to an estimate, another making some adjustments on some light fixtures on a previous job and the others handling a service call where a bathroom vanity light was flickering and not staying on. We found that the vanity light fixture needed a switch replacement and that took care of the problem. This particular customer was in the process of selling their home and called just this morning and we were able to squeeze her in. Not a bad day of residential electrical service in Lincoln!

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